Winter Maintenance for Commercial Trucks | San Antonio,

Snowy winter weather is fortunately quite rare in San Antonio, Texas, but if you're a commercial driver or travel for work in your truck, you might find yourself in colder climates. Whether you travel far or do your business entirely in-state, the arrival of the winter season is an ideal time to get up to date on maintenance. By staying on top of your commercial truck's service needs, you can ensure sturdy, reliable performance year-round, no matter the weather.

Tire Health

Keeping track of your tires is the key to moving your business forward. If the weather is colder or the roads are icy, having healthy tires is absolutely crucial for traction and control. Check your tires on a regular basis and look for signs of uneven wear. If you notice this, it could mean that your tires are underinflated, not being rotated regularly, or in need of realignment. Uneven wear can also serve as an early indicator of problems with your bearings or kingpin, so you'll want to monitor these components as well.

Battery Health

A dead battery is the surest way to throw your schedule into chaos when you've got a full plate. Test your battery regularly to ensure that it produces enough cold cranking amps for smooth starts in lower temperatures. If your battery isn't producing, neither will your commercial truck. Replacing the battery every three to five years like clockwork helps protect you from being stranded unexpectedly in the middle of a crucial job.

General Wellness Checkups

For maximum effectiveness, you should use the change in seasons to run through your checklist of crucial maintenance tasks. Checking fluids and topping them up where necessary ensures that your truck will keep humming along throughout the winter. Inspect your lights to make sure that you have enough visibility for hauls that last up to sundown. And be sure to swap out your wiper blades for a new set so that you have a clear view on every job.  

Even if the weather is mild, proper maintenance will help you keep your commercial truck running safely and smoothly this winter. It can also help lower operating costs and increase productivity, leading to more money in the long run. For all your commercial truck service and maintenance needs, visit Grande Truck Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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