Summer Maintenance For Commercial Trucks | San Antonio, TX The summer can get hot, affecting the way your truck works. Before you head out on your next journey, make sure you check out these summer maintenance tips for commercial trucks. 

Think of Your Tires

Hot weather can increase your tires' pressure and cause blowouts. Keeping an eye on your tire pressure will help you remain safe out on the road. Also, make sure you check your tires' tread depth frequently and look for signs of wear and tear throughout your journey. 

Check Your Oil | San Antonio, TX

Inspect Your Brakes

Friction can cause your brakes to degrade over time - and no one wants their truck to be with ill-working brakes. That's why you should replace the brake pads accordingly, and schedule an inspection if your brakes have been squealing or vibrating recently. 

Give Your Battery a Look | San Antonio, TX
Think of Your Tires | San Antonio, TX

Check Your Oil

Extreme hot temperatures can cause your oil to breakdown quicker. This means that it will be less effective at lubricating your engine's parts, leading to damage and overheating. Before you head out on your next job, change your truck's oil and oil filter. 

Brakes | San Antonio, TX  

Give Your Battery a Look

High temperatures can cause your battery to corrode faster, reducing its voltage over time. Use a battery cleaner to neutralize the acid created by corrosion. You can also use a hydrometer to identify weak cells quickly, letting you know if you need to replace your battery before you head out. 

Stay Cool

Texas is hot during the summer, and the surrounding states aren't much better. So, if you're traveling through the hotter areas of the country, you should make sure that your truck's cooling system is working. Overheating tends to be the most common cause of breakdowns during the summer, so prevent this from happening to you. Check your truck's antifreeze and make sure the antifreeze-to-water ration is right. Also, consider scheduling an engine wash-out to remove any debris from the radiator. 

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