2020 Ford F-250 Pros and Cons of Lifted Trucks | San Antonio, TX Is a suspension or body lift right for your truck? Sure, it might make your ride look tough and cool, but it's important to understand the pros and cons of lift kits before moving forward with this major modification.

Pro: Better Visibility

If you lift your truck, you'll gain immediate increased visibility. Not only will you be able to see the road and the surrounding traffic more clearly, but other drivers will also be able to see you more clearly in your taller truck.

Pro: Increased Ground Clearance

Perhaps the biggest advantage of lifting your truck is the extra ground clearance you'll gain. If you love going off-road, this will be especially useful, providing you with better angles for approach, break over, and departure. A lift will also allow you to install bigger tires to handle rough terrain.

Pro: Two Lifting Options

If you do opt for a lift, you have a couple of options - which you can do separately or together. A body lift is less invasive, increasing height and ground clearance without affecting performance as much. A suspension lift is quite a bit more involved and expensive.

Con: Lower Fuel Economy

A lift is likely to increase the amount of money you spend at the pump. The extra aerodynamic drag created by the truck's increased height will reduce its fuel efficiency. If you add larger tires, fuel economy will decrease even more.

Con: Poorer On-Road Performance

If you primarily drive your truck on the road, a lift is likely to downgrade its performance. With a higher center of gravity, your vehicle won't be as stable. You'll need to drive more cautiously, as the truck could be at higher risk of a rollover if you corner too fast.

Con: Fine-Print Considerations

Before you get a truck lift, make sure you carefully read the applicable fine print. Lifting a newer truck could void the warranty if the changes are too drastic. You'll also want to check state and local laws to make sure your lift is street-legal.

If a lift is the right choice for your truck, or if you need some expert guidance to decide, contact us here at Grande Truck Center to learn more.


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