How to Disinfect Your Truck | San Antonio, TX

Here are some simple ways to ensure that your vehicle is clean and sanitary so you can have more peace of mind and stay healthy each time you use it. 

What products not to use

Avoid using bleach or hydrogen peroxide to clean your car. Even though these are common household cleaning supplies, these chemicals can damage the plastics and vinyl of your vehicle's interior.

You also want to steer clear of ammonia-based cleaners, since they break down vinyl and make it sticky when exposed to heat. They can also damage the anti-glare coating on touch-screen displays.

Products to use

For starters, wear disposable gloves while you clean, then throw them away afterward. Avoid reusable gloves, as germs can linger on them.

Use disinfectant wipes to clean your car's hard surfaces. If you don't have access to disinfectant wipes, you can use soap and water - but scrub gently to protect the surface coatings and dyes present in the cabin's materials. For touch-screen displays, use alcohol-based cleaners, then dry with a microfiber cloth.

If possible, use leather or cloth-specific cleaners for your seats. Otherwise, test a non-bleach cleaner on a small, out-of-sight area before using it to clean the rest of the seats' surfaces.

Which areas to clean

Cleanse commonly-touched areas of your vehicle, such as door handles, dashboard buttons, turn signal buttons, and seat belts. Any of these could be a breeding ground for bacteria. In particular, be vigilant in cleaning your steering wheel; a study found the average steering wheel had four times as many bacteria colonies as the average public toilet seat.

If you have children, clean their car seats and any toys they use. Wash stuffed toys and use a diluted bleach solution to clean hard toys (check CDC guidelines for the proper concentration).

 Got more questions on how to sanitize your truck's interior? Call us at Grande Truck Center in San Antonio! We will be happy to help you. 

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